Energy Users

Your small business can take you in a thousand different directions each day. Your natural gas supply should not be a detour. RNG prides itself on being an asset to business owners. The Company understands that running a business is hard work; with RNG's competitive rates and service to match, having to worry about your natural gas supply will be a thing of the past. Just choose the rate plan that works best for your needs and Riley will take care of the rest. Let Riley Natural Gas be the easy part of running your business.

Managing Physical Delivery

Energy producers and consumers face a number of uncertainties each day. That is why effective, efficient delivery management is important. Riley Natural Gas understands that each client has a unique set of energy requirements and is focused on meeting those individual needs.

Services to the Energy Consumer

Throughout the twenty years Riley Natural Gas has been in business, the Company has acquired the expertise needed to meet your energy requirements.

  • Nominations
  • Imbalance Management
  • Firm Transportation

Managing Risk

Risk is undeniable in the energy business. Riley Natural Gas cannot eliminate risk, but the Company can help you manage it. Whether it is a week of brutally cold temperatures or price volatility, RNG is known for its reliability and responsiveness.